Oranienstraße is not a one-way street – neither is solidarity!
A Kreuzberg Pride 2014

Since 1997, inter*, trans*, lesbians, queens, queers, bisexuals, out-of-genders, gays and supporters roll, walk and dance through Kreuzberg for this event. Some old and some new brooms, some with high heels and some without share the opinion that we must do it again this year.

We think it is important to show how over the years, Kreuzberg has grown a cooperation that has been fought for and that is lived every day. The life in this neighbourhood is shaped by different ways of life, needs, backgrounds and realities.

What has been fought for, what has been achieved, we will celebrate on this day.

What there is still to do, what there is still to fight for, we bring to the streets.

Let us fight together for the same conditions to live and shape one’s life. Away with barriers and obstacles in the neighbourhood and in our heads which drift us apart and make life difficult! To create a peaceful community in the streets, at day and at night.

We demand:
– affordable living space for everybody!
– social security and support that is not a meaningless phrase!
– for all people, the right to stay and the right to vote!

Together we demonstrate for a self-determined life and for emancipation from a system that excludes, deports, stigmatizes, pathologizes and discriminates against people. We will not be used against ourselves!

The old and new brooms are calling you:
Come out on the street, roll, walk and dance to…
A Kreuzberg Pride!

Because: Oranienstraße is not a one-way street – neither is solidarity!

Start: 21.06.14, 16:00, Oranienplatz
Final rally at Heinrichplatz Contact:

Kreuzberger CSD 2014

Kreuzberger CSD 2014